Contributed By: Doug Allen

Why did I start inside of GENBAND? In today’s world of rapid creation and almost no barriers to entry – how do you get a head start? Remember the Seinfeld episode where Kramer’s car backfires; Jerry mistakes that for the starting pistol, giving him another head start. Well that’s what I wanted – a head start! GENBAND allowed to gain access to deep IP and Carrier Grade Science with over 700 global customers, a global sales staff and a global support team. With most customer engagements we save at a minimum 9 months of time and expense by having a key (contacts, contracts, trust, technology) to the building.

Kandy has a unique set of RTC assets that enable everyone from self serve developers to utilize our API’s and SDK’s, to business owners that can be instantly embed a targeted RTC wrapper into their application or website for VIP service or a second cell phone number for your business, to offering a full UC cloud service and a market leading commercial OTT service all of which can be white labeled. One single customer crossed over 2M registered user this week!

So building a company inside another one gives you that head-start…contact me if you would like to learn more.